Rapid Repair Request

Submissions received through the Tencarva Rapid Repair Request system will be handled by your closest branch within 24 hours or sooner.

Please provide as much information about your application, pump or equipment, in order to help us provide you with an accurate quote. If the issue is considered an EMERGENCY please call 336-665-0250 and ask to speak with the Repair Department. Please inform the phone attendant that is it considered an emergency situation.

Clean Equipment Form

The safety of our employees many times start with you. Please do not take this responsibility lightly.

See attached recent image of a mechanic’s hand who thought the liquid in the pump being disassembled was water (as claimed on the clean equipment form), that turned out to be strong Hydrogen Peroxide. The contents of the pump looked like water. It was later discovered that the liquid was different than what was shown on the form. Suppose it was some other chemical?