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Robert Maxwell

Hudson Pump & Equipment: Municipal Florida Division

Robert Maxwell

Sales Engineer

Water & Wastewater Pumping & Process Equipment


Online, interactive operations & maintenance training.
Non-clog dry pit pumps, split case and vertical column pumps.
“Off the shelf” pumps for various applications.
Air-operated diaphragm pumps, piston pumps & packages.
Protect your AODD Pumping System against: water hammer,vibration, breaks and leaks.
Barnes Non-Clog submersible pumps and low pressure sewer systems; Crown, Deming, Prosser, Burks and Weinman Pumps.
Intelligent pump-monitoring and anti-ragging solutions providingincreased pumping efficiency, with reduced operational and energycosts.
Exhaust and inlet systems, including silencers, ducts, structural steel, dampers/diverters and filters for gas turbines, and diesel and natural gas engines.
Municipal mixers, mixing accessories, and complete agitationsystems for water and wastewater processes.
Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors, PD Blowers and IQ Blower packages - Wastewater aeration.
Super “T- Series”, “Ultra-V” self-priming pumps, Reliasourceengineered packages and submersible pump stations.
Process pumps; ANSI, In-line, multi-stage, double suction, verticalturbine, slurry and submersible pumps.
Water & wastewater pumps including, submersible, dewatering, high pressure & vertical turbines.
Pressure & relief valves and calibration columns.
High pressure cam driven pumps & metering pumps.
Bearing & systems protection, shaft grounding, air seals, floating brush seals.
State-of-the-art digital pump monitoring & control systems.
Mechanical seal, seal support, hydrodynamic bearings, packing and power transmission couplings.
Solenoid driven metering pumps with a unique cartridge valve design.
Chemical metering pumps and packages with hydraulically actuated or critical service diaphragms.
Configurable small end suction centrifugal pumps.
E Series and E+ Series metering pumps.
Liquid filtration products such as bag filters, screen filters, cartridge filters, housings, bags and strainers.
Progressive cavity pumps, macerators, and controls used in many wastewater and dosing applications.
Sanitary Sewer data collection, remote sensing and alarming technology.
Heat exchangers & heat transfer equipment.
Toshiba offers electromagnetic flowmeters, microwave density analyzers, programmable logic controllers, hybrid integrated control platforms, and DCS & PLC integrated systems.
Submersible sewage pumps, aerators, decanters, ejectors and cutter pumps.
Custom and standard non-metallic ANSI/OSHA compliant pump and equipment guards