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Jake Houston - Municipal Sales Engineer

Tencarva Machinery Company: Municipal West Division

Jake Houston

Sales Engineer

Jake is a recent hire with Tencarva Municipal and holds a degree in Civil engineering from the University of Mississippi. Jake is currently based out of the Memphis office working closely with Ricky Pollan serving customers and engineers in Arkansas and Mississippi.

Email, call or text Jake anytime you need assistance with the challenges and opportunities you have. He is ready to provide the Customer Satisfaction that you expect and deserve!



Water & Wastewater Pumping & Process Equipment


Non-clog dry pit pumps, split case and vertical column pumps.
Ozone and Oxygen treatment, wet well cleaning. Odor and H2S
remediation via ozone injection.
Protect your AODD Pumping System against: water hammer,vibration, breaks and leaks.
Axial flow and mixed flow pumping equipment used for flood
control, water and sewage treatment, mining, food processing, and
many other applications.
Intelligent pump-monitoring and anti-ragging solutions providingincreased pumping efficiency, with reduced operational and energycosts.
Municipal mixers, mixing accessories, and complete agitationsystems for water and wastewater processes.
Super “T- Series”, “Ultra-V” self-priming pumps, Reliasourceengineered packages and submersible pump stations.
Process pumps; ANSI, In-line, multi-stage, double suction, verticalturbine, slurry and submersible pumps.
Water & wastewater pumps including, submersible, dewatering, high pressure & vertical turbines.
Custom cast parts for obsolete & unavailable equipment.
State-of-the-art digital pump monitoring & control systems.
Mechanical seal, seal support, hydrodynamic bearings, packing and power transmission couplings.
Solenoid driven metering pumps with a unique cartridge valve design.
Chemical metering pumps and packages with hydraulically actuated or critical service diaphragms.
ANTI-KEYSTONE II, compression packing designed to extend equipment life.
Chemical storage tanks, steel-lined, cone-bottom, and many other types.
Remote monitoring systems & autodialers.
Liquid filtration products such as bag filters, screen filters, cartridge filters, housings, bags and strainers.
Tablet feeders, chlorination & de-chlorination tablets.
Sanitary Sewer data collection, remote sensing and alarming technology.
Submersible sewage and grinder pumps.
Toshiba offers electromagnetic flowmeters, microwave density analyzers, programmable logic controllers, hybrid integrated control platforms, and DCS & PLC integrated systems.
Submersible sewage pumps, aerators, decanters, ejectors and cutter pumps.
Custom and standard non-metallic ANSI/OSHA compliant pump and equipment guards
Pumping and solids handling technology for viscous, solid laden, process and waste fluids.


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